Definitions And Glossary

 Backhand: To the right handed player it is a delivery to the left hand side of the block. To the left handed player it is a delivery to the right hand side of the block.

Bias: This is the peculiar property of one side of the bowl, caused by shaping which enables it to follow a curved course.

Block: This means the obstacle which is is placed midway between each end of the rink-mat on the block line.

Blocking: This means covering the lying shot or jack with a guarding bowl in order to hinder an opponent.

Bowl in course: Means a bowl from the time of delivery until it comes to rest.

Controlling Body: Means the body having immediate control of the conditions under which the match is played.

Dead Area: Means the selection of the rink-mat between the dead lines.

Delivery Lines: Means the markings within which players feet are restricted to deliver the bowl.

Delivery Mat: Means foot-mat upon which the stance is taken to deliver the bowl.

Displaced or Disturbed: Means accidentally moving bowl or jack otherwise than a bowl in play.

Draw: Means delivering the bowl within sufficient impetus to reach its objective with the necessary green to allow the bias to take effect.

End: Means the placing and playing to the jack and the playing of all players bowls in the same direction on the rink mat.

Fender: Means the surround which encloses the ditch.

Firing or Forcing Shot: A bowl which is delivered at a very fast pace.

Forehand: To the right handed player it is the delivery to the right-hand side of the block. To the left-handed player it is a delivery to the left side of the block.

Four: Means four players on one side whose position of playing are called Lead, Second, Third, and Skip

Head: Means the jack and such bowls as have come to rest within the boundary of the rink-mat and are not dead.

Jack High: Means that the nearest portion of the bowl referred to is the same distance from the dead line as is the nearest portion of the jack.

Lead: Means the player on each side who plays first.

Live Area: Means the section of the rink-mat between the dead line and the ditch line, delineated by the edge of the half-inch marking.

Pair: Means two players on one side whose position in order of playing are called Lead and Skip.

Rink Mat: Means the whole rectangular playing surface.

Running Wood: Means a bowl delivered with sufficient impetus prevent the bias taking effect-(used for removing a bowl or breaking the head).

Skip: Means the player who controls the play on behalf of his side on a rink mat.

Singles: Means one player competing against another.

Team: Means any agreed number of players on one side.

Touchers: Is a term applied to a bowl which touches the live jack when the bowl is in motion on the rink mat and before it comes to rest. It should also also be sprung to touch the bowl whilst it is still in motion or it falls and touches the jack before the next bowl has been delivered. The toucher shall remain in play until the end is completed., even when in the ditch, it shall be indicated by a chalk mark which should be placed on it before the next bowl comes to rest. If this is impractical because there is a danger of the bowl falling over or moving it shall be nominated and chalked when the danger has passed.

Trailing: Means contacting the jack sufficient momentum so as to move it and follow it to a new position.

Triple: Means any three players on one side whoes position of playing are called: Lead, Second and Skip.

Wick: Is the term applied to a bowl which glances off another bowl or bowls so as to change its natural line of travel.


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