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Greengauge is a team of both highly skilled and knowledgeable personnel in the field of Indoor and Outdoor Bowling Surfaces.The Greengauge team have accumulated decades of technical experience and expertise and are acknowledged as the World’s largest provider of Artificial Bowling Surfaces.

Short Mat bowls is played on a mat 45′ x 6′ and carpet bowls on a mat 30′ x 6′. Both mats can be laid for play them rolled up and stored away when not in use. Ideal for village halls, community centers and schools. Both games can be enjoyed by men and women alike young and old.

Different speeds are available depending on the requirement of the club. If you have more space consider a full size Greengauge portable mat up to 4m wide and 36m long!

A full range of accessories are also available including:

  • Fenders/block
  • Bowls & jacks
  • Delivery mats
  • Scoreboards
  • Storage bags
  • Shoes, measures, umpire kits, marking chalk etc

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